Stoneyman Valley Ranch is an active operating farm. For your safety and protection, as well as ours, we have provided general information.  Your specific contract has the most current and detailed information and governs.

Facility Usage:

Stoneyman Valley Ranch and its neighboring properties are full time farming operations that may emit extraneous and obnoxious odors, and sounds. While Stoneyman Valley Ranch will ensure that there will be no farming operations during the client’s event, neighboring farms will continue their operations. Farming operations on neighboring properties include the operation of farm equipment and farm vehicles on public roads and adjacent to the venue. Stoneyman Valley Ranch cannot control the timing of the operations on neighboring properties; therefore, the client will indemnifies and holds harmless (see Waiver, Disclaimer and Release of Liability in the contract) Stoneyman Valley Ranch of any adverse effects any farming operation may have on the lessee’s use of the event site.


1. A nonrefundable event reservation deposit of $500  is due to hold an event date, upon completion of the contract. Second payment of $1,500 payment is due six months before the event, Third payment of $2,500 is due three months before the event. The final payment is the balance due the day of the event, or as specified in the individual contract. 

                       For Payment method information, Click  here .

NOTE:  Both the signed contract and deposit are required to lock in the date.  The date will not be held for client without receipt of both. In the event, Stoneyman Valley Ranch allows a tentative hold, and another potential Client is ready to sign and pay the deposit, the Client will be notified via email and given 48 hours to provide the signed contract and deposit or the hold will be revoked by email notification.

2. All payments except the non-refundable deposit are refundable if cancellation occurs prior to 180 days preceeding the Event. If cancellation occurs within 180 days of the Event, there will be no refund of any and all payments. 

3.  Gratuity: Stoneyman Valley Ranch does not automatically add gratuity to the final bill; however, it will be greatly appreciated by the staff dedicated to making your day go as smooth as possible. Typical gratuity is 10-15 percent of total invoice.

Catering Policies for Use of Event Facility

Stoneyman Valley Ranch does not have a licensed/approved commercial kitchen; however, the area is suitable for final staging.  Food must be brought fully cooked and ready to serve.  It is recommended that these policies be provided to the Client’s Caterer.

1. The Client must provide a copy of the caterer’s license to Stoneyman Valley Ranch 30 days in advance of the Event. Caterer is encouraged to schedule an appointment with Stoneyman Valley Ranch to view the facility; however, no appointment will be scheduled until Stoneyman Valley Ranch has a copy of the caterer’s license. 

2.  It is recommended that the Caterer be added to the general liability insurance coverage. If not, the caterer must be insured for general liability, products liability, and liquor liability and must submit a Certificate of Insurance for a minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence with Stoneyman Valley Ranch named as an additional insured to Stoneyman Valley Ranch thirty days prior to the Event. Failure to provide within 30 days of the Event is grounds for cancellation by Stoneyman Valley Ranch.

3. Client and its vendor has access to the kitchen prep area for receptions a maximum of 2 hours before the reception.  Additional time may be provided (if available) at a rate of $75/hour on a case by case basis.

4. Stoneyman Valley Ranch’s representative will be available to provide the Client and its vendors access to the property.

5.  The kitchen has a refrigerator that is available for final food preparation. 

6.  The Kitchen must be reasonably cleaned and trash removed upon completion of event.

7.  Stoneyman Valley Ranch will also be using the kitchen to complete necessary cleanup of the facility.  The Caterer will have shared use of the kitchen facilities.

8.  No clean up supplies will be provided to the Client or Caterer.

      Note:  The Client is responsible for all staffing needs.


The Client shall comply with all requirements of Stoneyman Valley Ranch Lease Agreement. The lease agreement governs.

1.  The client hereby indemnifies and holds harmless Stoneyman Valley Ranch as well as employees, agents, successors, or assigns of all, from any and all damages, liabilities, cost or claims, whether in contract or tort, including court costs and attorney’s fees, arising from, or in any way connected with, its use of the property pursuant to the agreement. 

2.  The client agrees to be responsible for maintaining the property in as good condition as existed prior to client’s use. Client agrees to pay any and all reasonable costs of repair for damage to the property caused by, or occurring during, use of the property pursuant to this agreement. Client is responsible for any damage caused by guests, wedding party and/or vendors.

3.  A single event liability insurance policy in the amount of $1 million is required for your event, or Certificate adding Stoneyman Valley Ranch as an additional insured, and must be provided to us at least 30 days prior to your event. You may purchase Event or Wedding Insurance. Liability coverage shall include includes alcohol liability. 

NOTE:  Your homeowner’s policy might already cover this. Please contact your homeowner’s insurance carrier for further information.

4.  Stoneyman Valley Ranch is not liable for loss or reimbursement of fees due to cancellation caused by inclement weather or other acts of God.

5.  The Client shall comply with all applicable laws regarding public assemblies, public event and performances including without limitation those imposing taxes and license fees.

6.  Vendors: All vendors must be licensed. Client shall provide to Stoneyman Valley Ranch a copy of Caterers and Alcoholic Beverage vendors business license and ABC permit (alcohol vendor) at least 30 days in advance of event. Smoking Policy: No smoking is allowed inside any of our facilities.   

7.  Pet Policy; No pets are allowed, unless by special arrangement for ceremony.  If allowed by special arrangement, they are required to leave the property immediately after the ceremony.

8.  Smoking Policy: No smoking allowed inside any building on the premise.  Smoking is allowed outside the Event Facility but only in areas where smoking containers are provided.

9.  Decorations:  Client must have the approval of Stoneyman Valley Ranch prior to the Event for any Client provided decorations and/or “special effects” to ensure the integrity of the Facility. Decorations and supplies must be removed by 12:00 PM (Noon) the day following the Event if another event is scheduled that day following the Event. If the day following the Event has no further events scheduled, decorations and supplies must be removed by 8PM the day following the Event.  Any items remaining after the aforementioned times will be removed by Stoneyman Valley Ranch and the client will be charged a $50 decoration removal fee.  Any item not removed within 7 days of event will become the property of Stoneyman Valley Ranch and may be disposed of. The Client will hold harmless Stoneyman Valley Ranch for loss or damage of any item not removed by the Client.  Clients may use available decorations at no additional costs.  If damaged, Client may be assessed for replacement cost.

10.  Rehearsals: At Client’s request, appropriate time and facility access will be provided to rehearse and or decorate on the evening prior to or day of event.  If an Event is scheduled for the day before, the client can rehease between 12:00PM-1:00PM.  If no Event the day before, Client can rehearse between 4:00PM-6:00PM.  Exact availability for rehearsal and decorating will be finalized with the Client 30 days prior to the Event.

Alcohol Liability Policy
1.  The Client shall adhere to Virginia State ABC laws    https://www.abc.virginia.gov/licenses/get-a-license/banquet-licenses

2.  Client’s Certificate of Insurance must include alcohol liability or the caterer can provide a separate Certificate of Insurance for alcohol liability if alcohol will be served by them at the same coverage of not less than $1 million per occurrence. Stoneyman Valley Ranch, LLC will be named as insured thereon.

3.  The Client assumes all responsibility for the service of alcoholic beverages at any function including and without limitation providing transportation to anyone visibly intoxicated.

4.  Alcoholic beverages may be served, but clients are prohibited the resale of alcoholic beverages, including a cash bar. Clients may purchase alcohol (from desired source) and provide alcohol for guests; however, individual guests may not bring alcohol.
Photography & Parking Policies

1.  Stoneyman Valley Ranch barn facilities and adjacent property are available for wedding and special occasion photographs. Professional photography during your event is available at no additional cost; however, it is subject to the same policies/liabilities as the Client.  

2.  In the event of inclement weather, client may schedule a later date for photography at no additional charge.
On-site parking is available in dedicated areas near the facility.

3.  Only Accessible Parking is allowed immediately adjacent to the west side of barn; however, accommodations to unload passengers needing assistance is acceptable.  

4.  While sufficient parking is available, carpooling and shuttle services are encouraged.


The Client is responsible for decorating and dressing of the tables.  The Client will meet with Stoneyman Valley Ranch to determine the layout 30 days in advance of the Event so Stoneyman Valley Ranch can set up the tables and chairs within the Event Facility and outside for outdoor ceremonies.
If we do not have an event the day before, you may drop off things (such as placing alcohol in our cooler), decorate and/or have a rehearsal walk thorough between 3-5 or 4-6 PM.


Stoneyman Valley Ranch required battery operated candles wherever possible. If burning candles are allowed, candles must be placed on candle holders such that they are wide enough to ensure no wax damage to the table clothes or the facility. Candles must not be placed directly on any cloth table dressing., Any damage to property including linens (if Stoneyman Valley Ranch table clothes are utiltized), resulting from candles will be charged for accordingly.